Since launch in May 2005, Cracked Egg Studios has only ever had a very black style. Although software and programming methods changed, the look of the site remained very much the same.

The site has now completely shed itself of the "dark" style, and for the first time ever, a variety of color schemes are available for users to choose from - by simply clicking the corresponding box in the header.

Another artifact from the early days has been removed - the two side menus flanking each side of the main content. The site's header features a more compact design, modeled after the style in the upcoming vBulletin 4. Users now have the ability to collapse the breadcrumbs portion, and the user panel that displayed on the forum home page now affixes neatly to the header.

The main tabs at the top of the site separate our members' main interests, in an attempt to make it easier to locate the specific content one might be looking for.

Be aware that because the left navigation menu is gone, the "Members Area" link has been moved to the "Members" drop-down.

There is still some cleanup of the code to be done, but we wanted to make the style available to the public as early as reasonably possible. After almost 2 years, this change signifies a version increase to 7.0.
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The palette selector does not seem to be working for me. It was working when you first unveiled the new look. Did you disable it for some reason?

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