As promised, all the old downloads have been made available once again. Downloads are distributed by means of private torrent files, which must be opened with the client BitTornado in order to download the content properly.

A few other bugs have been fixed, such as the last post info on forum home displaying incorrectly.

We apologize to members who had access to the new EggMail system. The system has a number of kinks to work out (i.e. unreceived mail and mail sent from wrong address) and will be unavailable for the time being.
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The "stock market" recalculates the value of individual posts once a week (giving mods time to delete meaningless posts) and pays out a number of celbos based on that and your total post count. If you have a celbos count in the negative, it means you have been inactive on the forum for a while. Visiting more frequently and joining discussions will improve your celbos count in no time.

The frequency of celbos payouts will also increase proportional to the frequency of forum visitors.