1. Rudolph Quits! Now Available

    Rudolph Quits is available in print starting today.
  2. foldovertongue

    WoW TCG totally pwns

    For those who are fans of tcg's the WoW tcg is a-fucking-mazing. It combines the greatness of magic and combines it with simplicity while providing awesome characters such as Thrall, Lt. Commander Dudefella, and of course the infamous Leeroy Jenkins. I seriously recommend it; it's relatively...
  3. Devilschild

    Stuck in Wow!

    Stuck In Wow! ok i need some serious advice on how to get atuned for MC?!?!?! please help!!
  4. Devilschild

    WoW NOOBS!!

    ok so wut about them noobs in wow...dontcha just wanna fuck them up?!?!?!?!?
  5. Devilschild


    wow is awesome and i pown all noobs...that is all