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Well, it would be nice if we could respect N00Bs in this forum, when they ask what we might consider to be a stupid question or just because they haven't completely developed their skills to perfection yet. If I'm not mistaken, YOU ARE A N00B YOURSELF.

If you want to badmouth N00bs or emos or someone's penis - please do so in the Flame Board. I'm not simply moving this post because members should know that we need to be welcoming in general in order to have a strong community. You could scare n00bs away and then you can't respond to their posts, Joe. Less points for you. If you're not going to think of the n00bs or the well-being of the forum community, dear God, think of yourself.

Admin over and out.

Claw Snuff

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Joe, Matthew plays that game more than you, when ever I go to your Grandparents' house he's on.
He even has his own group.
So maybe you should catch up to your brothers reputation before talking about n006s.


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well i think we all kno that every1 else falls insuperior 2 my supreme World of Warcraft skills...they are un-paralled. unlike my spelling however.
that is all.