YDC #87: Jokuba Announces Wishes to Leave the Cast of Ni-Ki-Oh!

Joseph Justus says that although he had fun with Ni-Ki-Oh! in the olden days, now it is just a waste of time to him. He claims to have a life outside of Ni-Ki-Oh!, consisting of watching movies, hanging out with friends, dueling, and going online. Notice that the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist Club is related to all those things. The club watches movies, including Ni-Ki-Oh! The club also brings its members together through meetings, allowing friends to hang out. Dueling also takes place when this happens. Finally, the club does have its Internet-related qualities. The newsletter is distributed by E-mail, and it has a website with its own forum. Justus's entire argument also becomes worthless when you look at the other members, such as Pegasus. Pegasus does a lot more than Justus and still has time for the club and Ni-Ki-Oh!

Moto, Niki. "Oh, FUCK! New Changes VII." Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist Club News #87. 13 Dec 2004. http://hosting.crackedeggstudios.net/m/fuck/History/Newsletters/87.asp.
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