Welcome Back, Ni-Ki-Oh!

Later this evening, Ni-Ki-Oh! star Nicky Phils returns from his two-month vacationing at Yale University and in Tennessee. At Yale Nick studied Philosophy and Single Variable Calculus for 5 weeks, and then took a trip to Appalachian Tennessee to offer his assistance building affordable homes for the needy.

Tonight the cast welcomes him back; he is the catalyst that makes everyone work. With the long heat this summer and the moving away and relationship shattering of cast members, the spirit has been that no one wants to work without Nick.

Monday production begins on a week-long shoot as we trudge through the entirety of Season 4's script, which should be completed by this afternoon.

With the delay of building the DEATH-EGG, animation work on Final Genesis has not yet begun, but the producers are hopeful, and if the DEATH-EGG is not well on its way by then, Final Genesis animation will begin immediately following the release of The Twisted Mile next month.
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