On March 4, 2004, the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist Club website was not responding. Expected to be one of the routine Thursday failures, it was not taken seriously.

One week later, the site administrator Pegasus finally decided to ask the web host what the problem was when he discovered that the entire web directory structure had been erased.

A week went by, and the web host did not reply to any of the administrator's questions, so Pegasus been to upload everything back onto the host server.

For now, the site is back up and running. There are still a few bugs that will need to be worked out and a few pages still down or that need to be re-updated. We ask for your patience regarding this issue and please contact Pegasus with any concerns.

Since we still do not know the cause of the disappearance of the site two weeks ago, we will be certain to backup the site at least weekly. The cause may have been a violation on our part, although the web host has not contacted me with any details.

As a few preventative measures, please keep profanity in the forums to a minimum. Do NOT have the forum email you a notice if you receive PMs, etc. because the server doesn't support this, and do NOT attempt to upload any files on your own because we don't know what upload agent the server currently uses. Until further notice, please upload to the forums through the forum administrator.
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I'm glad to have our site back.

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