Twisted Mile: Episode 1 - Remastered

As of this morning, the first of the videos missing since the site relaunch has been restored. The Twisted Mile pilot episode is available for streaming once again!

Go to the episode's page to watch it now!

Since its release in 2006, the award-winning The Twisted Mile has been (one of if not) the most popular video ever produced by Cracked Egg Studios, by views alone. So we have taken the opportunity to give the fans something special: The Twisted Mile has been completely remastered for this re-release.
  • Where possible, the footage was recaptured from its now-deteriorating source media, with tweaks to improve dynamic range and overall image quality.
  • We have fixed the incorrect aspect ratio which resulted in a horizontally stretched image in the prior release.
  • We have upscaled the image resolution from its original 480i all the way to 720p. That's over 4 times as many pixels! Throughout this process, we painstakingly replaced (frame by frame) the most pixelated parts of the image.
  • That's not all! While we have endeavored to make this version as true to the 2006 release as possible, this can be considered the extended version of The Twisted Mile. Excluding the end credits, this version includes a total of as much as 1 second of never-before-seen footage!
  • Updated visual effects, such as muzzle flashes, have been redone using Unreal Engine or other modern techniques.
  • The rest of season 1 was not written until several years after the original pilot was filmed. Some small tweaks have been made to certain effects to account for the final story.
  • We have digitally attempted to smooth many shot transitions and lighting discrepancies from across takes, and to correct some continuity mistakes (such as a background television being turned on when it should have been off).
  • The background score and foley effects have been updated for a better experience and to eliminate any potential issues regarding licensing moving forward. As such, the end credits have been updated.
We hope you enjoy this version of The Twisted Mile as much as we enjoyed reliving its making.
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