The Twisted Mile received well by a Fairfield audience!

Last night, I showed The Twisted Mile at a film showing called Feer at Fairfield University. It was received with much laughter and some confusion. Granted, most of the audience members knew me (and many of them Mr. T and Pegasus as well), and I gave an introduction, so it wasn't exactly a cold viewing. Many people gave positive comments on the comic nature of the film. The suspension of disbelief did not seem to be a problem for anybody.

Quotes remembered by audience members from the movie included "He owes me money" and "I was faking it!" One audience member, Tony da Costa commented that Pegasus was extremely "scary."

There were around 30 audience members present. The Twisted Mile was tied for third place for best film with five votes (first and second place received seven and six votes respectively).
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Staff member
That is incredible and hilarious news. Aside from yourself, were any cast members (i.e. Mr. T) present?

I think this is grounds to hurry up and make the sequel!


CES Staff
No, I was the only cast member present. We need to get on filming episode 2 this summer!


Resident Ball-Stomper
Did you show the trailer for 2? Anywhoo....I think a sequel is unavoidable at this point. It needs to be done. Thor FTW!