The Looming Advent of Final Genesis

As the days grow closer and closer to the projected release date of Final Genesis alpha, the stages of final animation and post-production have begun. An unsubtitled alpha release-candidate for <img src="Ni-Ki-Oh!/images/n-title_tiny.gif"> Final Genesis will be available on Halloween.

At the same time, construction of the DEATH-EGG finally commences, which will assimilate MASTER-EGG once it reaches its full strength. Progress of the DEATH-EGG's completion will be displayed on the donations page, regardless of what donations are received.
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Does anyone have any doubts that Cracked Egg Studios will actually follow through this time and release Final Genesis? I have a feeling they aren't planning to release it all at once since they changed the version from Alpha to RC1 which means "Release Candidate." Still, will it be ready by Halloween?

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