TH: Finally Re-released After Thirty Years!

Thirty years ago today, October 30, 1992, Teddy Phillips was in the hospital undergoing chemotherapy, when he gave a live performance to patients and staff, of a story-book animation production he called Th (pronounced ð, as in "this").

Th was considered to be completely lost and faded into myth. For many years, it was a subject of much debate among studio archivists and fans who were not there to see it, over its place in studio history. But beginning in 2008, some behind-the-scenes photographs were discovered. And in 2022, additional photographic evidence and analysis led to Th reclaiming its title as Teddy's first movie.

Recent analysis gave archivists a high degree of confidence that photographs of all cels had been found, enabling Cracked Egg Studios to finally release this video adaptation of Th for its 30th anniversary.

From a cultural perspective, Th is also notable for being shot in portrait mode 15 years before cell phone video made it popular to do so.

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