RC1 and the World of Delays

Since Final Genesis was first announced back in 2004, there have been loads upon loads of delays including character model development, system upgrades, system failures, etc. that only proceeded to push the release date further and further back, months at a time.

Now with the release of Final Genesis RC1 scheduled for tomorrow evening, a lot of people had doubts that this deadline would be met, even considering RC1 included a Halloween-appropriate deadline.

These people were right. With less than 48 hours to go and doubts from the staff to even make an 11/4 revised deadline, a massive array of system and video errors halted production. 3-7 has been completed, but picture-lock has not yet been established on even the first 5 minutes of 3-6.

Rendering times for the high-quality animation expected in RC1 were the main source of this concern. At the present rate, experts calculated another 3 weeks of animation before the DVD could be produced. That is, until the system errors and video failure.

MASTER-EGG v1.0 experienced 12 hours of downtime before being successfully rebooted. After some careful recalibrations of the renderer, system errors could be avoided and a miraculous 50% cut in rendering time was realized.

Although this means that Final Genesis RC1 will not be ready for tomorrow's DVD deadline, it does not mean another 6 months' delay. RC1 will be ready in all its glory for the November 11 YouTube date.
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