Next Five Episodes / Season 2 Delay

The conclusion of the 3rd Season of Ni-Ki-Oh! is approaching, with FIVE surprising final episodes. New plot twists, new characters, and a foreshadowing of the season to come...

A new foe will emerge. At least two characters are going to disappear this season. Will it be any of the stars, or third tier characters that have hardly any impact on the storyline? To replace them, a handful of new characters are going to be joining the cast, introduced through a series of events that will change the world of Ni-Ki-Oh! as fans know it.

The technology required for these five transitional episodes, however, has inserted a wide gap that will end once reruns have completed. If anyone wishes to speculate about the next five episodes, feel free.

Season 2 DVD Delay

Due to the lack of required functioning equipment, the release date of the second Ni-Ki-Oh! season may have to be pushed back beyond April 10.

A system of investment could be devised to make funds available for the continuation of Ni-Ki-Oh! and other endeavors, which would basically function more like loans from enthusiastic sponsors to the Cracked Egg Studios. I am posing the idea to viewers and members of the studio to discuss their feelings on this matter among yourselves.


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