Today is an historical milestone for Cracked Egg Studios. We have launched a store system that sells physical products, and does so in a familiar category->product fashion. While we will be making further changes to the system over the next few days, this is the advent of a new line of product.

Spring is quickly approaching, and we have finally decided to act on NickyPhils' suggestion of years past: to sell Ni-Ki-Oh! merchandise, specifically T-shirts. Before March 31, a complete line of general Cracked Egg Studios, Ni-Ki-Oh!, and HoJeong T-shirts will be available, with new designs released every couple of days.

Since the store was just launched, please bear with us as we continue to make changes and work out some kinks. The shipping calculator has been giving us trouble, so you may receive an email while your order is processing partially refunding or requesting some additional funds. We do hope this is not the case, because it is mutually beneficial for your transaction to go as smoothly as possible.
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