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    EggCon 2009

    It was improvised and added spur-of-the-moment during the convention. It wasn't really intended as a panel either - Joe hadn't really talked about Bahud at all during the general panel when he was supposed to so people didn't really know what it was, and I just wanted you guys to spend a minute...
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    The Coming of Thor

    Unless someone's willing to start shelling out for this, money is an issue. Filming is expensive. Also James is a busy son-of-a-bitch.
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    Donations page looks better!

    You cannot upload attachments to the News forum (or any of the "Info Carton" forums). Attachments can be posted anywhere else. You don't need to worry about posting a screenshot for this as we located the donation problem since you mentioned it. We appreciate that you did.
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    Donations page looks better!

    Your donation was properly attributed on the Donations page. I will look into the thank you page. You should be able to attach images, but not use IMG tags.
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    MASTER-EGG v2.0

    Haha. Reference.
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    Perhaps your difficulty in understanding the site's organization stems from the fact that the site's primary purpose is not to provide information on VaultWiki. The entire site uses vBulletin combined with many free and custom addons, as well as VaultWiki. That said, the three-column layout was...
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    What article were you trying to edit? This one?
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    King Kong 2: King Kong Comes Back Vs. The Bloody Man!

    I believe it was a combination of a movie theme and a hymn. Further research and discussion is necessary.
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    Well we called it "computer paper." I don't think it had a real name since that's the kind of paper you need to do EEGs and stuff. It's green-bar computer paper with double sprockets for a continuous printer feed. See this ad...
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    News Pushed to MySpace

    When the newsletter system is fixed, you should begin receiving them again as normal. The MySpace feed intends to inform people who are not yet members of the site, or who do not check their email as frequently as they check their friends' MySpace pages. Until such time as the system is fixed...
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    King Kong vs. Roboman

    I agree that perhaps this short is a statement against vigilante justice. But like most of my projects at the age of 5, I probably was not aware that it had any meaning beyond King Kong kicking some ass. In fact, if we consider that the house suddenly appears behind King Kong while he's...
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    Deep in the Woods

    You can always feel free to extend stubs Nick. Most of your post above seems worthy to be mentioned in the article. "Although it is certainly very possible..." "... there was not enough room on the line" lol
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    Cracked Egg Logo

    While still speculation, I think that deserves to be mentioned in the article. After all, Ted did have an obsession with dinosaurs in general. Once he saw a TV show about dinosaurs who could talk, it could have influenced a number of things. For example, he talked to Uncle Ron about the...
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    The Twisted Mile received well by a Fairfield audience!

    That is incredible and hilarious news. Aside from yourself, were any cast members (i.e. Mr. T) present? I think this is grounds to hurry up and make the sequel!
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    Duel Monsters II Playoffs

    Good to hear from you, Rich. Haven't seen you on the forums in a while. Regarding the tournament's hiatus, I believe it will end some time this June. There will be a new site news listing when a date is set.
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    FUCK #96: What's Happening in the Club?

    That's true. Actually, since your an Admin, you should be able to make this change yourself, but I'll do it to the respective threads in the morning. Also, these last two posts of me and you will be moved to a bug report.
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    New Site Upgrade

    Yes, currently the new ones don't quite live up to their forefathers. This is because we have only modified the basic design and have yet to skin or add any of the old features back in. Like I said we will post a new announcement when profiles are finished.
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    Duel Monsters II

    Hm, well Nick isn't around anymore, but I can try my best to expose you to all the dueling possibilities in the mean time.
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    Duel Monsters II

    I think we need to begin training.
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    This has been fixed. Happy downloading!