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  1. Rotten Egg Studios

    Rotten Egg Studios is a DBA used by Cracked Egg Studios for some projects in the horror genre.
  2. A Return of the Legend of Clubal History

    We finally present to you our remaster of the Free United Club of Kids documentary.
  3. Exploding Tables

    Exploding Tables was an infamous bug on the web site in 2006 involving broken layouts due to mismatched table cells and rows.
  4. Medieval Castles

    A lost educational role-playing game created by Ted Phillips in 2001-2002 using RPG Maker 2000.
  5. Guide Era

  6. Strategy Guide Era

    The Strategy Guide Era was marked by video game development where the main development track involved the creation of instruction booklets, strategy guides, and other hard copy materials.
  7. Unreal Era

    The Unreal Era focuses on both remastering old projects and create new ones using Unreal Engine for effects and game development.
  8. B&N XM Production Update

    Work on the episode continues tirelessly, daily, and it will be published as soon as it's ready.
  9. DarkBASIC Period

    The DarkBASIC Period covered the third attempt to develop The Lost Pyramid in summer 2003, using the language DarkBASIC.
  10. BASIC Era

    The BASIC era was marked by a focus developing games and other software using the BASIC programming language.
  11. Fun Facts About Reindeer

    Teddy's teacher pulls a Teddy in this late 90s comic strip.
  12. B&N XM Delayed Due to Technical Issues

    Technical difficulties over the weekend halted post-production progress on The Adventures of Bongo and Nakita, delaying the final episode.
  13. Bongo & Nakita Finale Finally Coming After Over 20 Years

    In 2002, fans were left to only wonder what was going to happen to Bongo, Nakita, and Salvador. The saga will be completed December 26.
  14. Wrong Folder Event

    The Wrong Folder Event was a data loss event that occurred during late November 2013, resulting in a massive loss of VaultWiki development progress.
  15. Hurricane Sandy

    Hurricane Sandy was a natural disaster that flooded studio premises on October 29, 2012, damaging infrastructure, property, and leading to the deaths of several animal actors.
  16. Lost Project

  17. Restoration Era

    The Restoration Era began in late 2020 and continues to this day. It focuses on restoring the web site, restoring and releasing old media, and restoring creativity to the studio.
  18. VaultWiki Era

    The VaultWiki Era began when the studio began selling an inhouse wiki software from their web site and made it the primary focus of development.
  19. Web Site Era

    The Web Site Era began with the development of the Cracked Egg Studios web site in May 2005 and continued until roughly 2009.
  20. Ni-Ki-Oh! Era

    The Ni-Ki-Oh! Era was heavily focused on creating and airing episodes for the Ni-Ki-Oh! series, with high enthusiasm among cast, crew, and fans.