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  1. NickyPhils

    Can Special Summoned monsters perform an attack?

    In short, yes. In the TCG and OCG, being Special Summoned makes no difference as to whether or not the monster can attack. Of course, if Vengeful Bog Spirit is active, the monster will not be able to attack the turn it is Special Summoned. In the video games Duel Monsters 1-4 and 7, which use...
  2. NickyPhils

    Can a face-down monster be Tributed for summon?

    Yes, a facedown monster can be Tributed in order to Tribute Summon a monster. But as usual, you can only Tribute Summon if you have not already done your "Normal Summon or Set" for the turn. To perform the Tribute Summon, during your Main Phase I or II, send the monster(s) you are Tributing to...
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    What is this subforum? Why is it called the Graveyard? It seems to contain a lot of downloads. Are these now defunct?
  4. NickyPhils

    Do Cards Flip When They Are Tributed?

    No, it does not get flipped automatically. When face-down monsters are Tributed, they are sent to the Graveyard without being flipped face-up first. If you want to activate the Flip Effect of your monster before Tributing it, you have to manually Flip Summon the monster during your Main Phase...
  5. NickyPhils

    Can Summoning a Monster Mean Setting a Monster?

    Yes. However, this is very dependent upon the context. You get 1 Normal Summon OR Set per turn. A Set is usually the placing of a monster from your hand into an available Monster Card Zone, both face-down and horizontally - or put more simply "face-down Defense Position." A "1 Normal Summon or...
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    To complete my deck

    Hey guys, look what I found on YouTube. It reminds me... crap buddy... 0005
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    Who is someguy and why is he banned? EDIT: He was banned for an invalid e-mail address. But I still am wondering, who is he?
  8. NickyPhils

    Christopher Jay Mojica?

    I notice Christopher Jay Mojica is the newest member. Did he join of his own will, or did Pegasus create him? Probably the former, not knowing that he already had a username C.J. Potter.
  9. NickyPhils

    A new newsletter!

    I have now been considering writing another club newsletter, which I haven't done in over 2 years! So, I'm gonna need some stuff to write about. The Duel Monsters II Tournament comes to mind. What else? Perhaps the various projects CES is working on?
  10. NickyPhils

    To all members of the Free United Club of Kids!

    I have been working on FUCKipedia for the past few weeks. I have now been considering writing another club newsletter, which I haven't done in over 2 years! Give me some stuff to write about! So members, post in the club forum (make sure you're logged in at CES first; also remember that...
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    Is it true that HOJAID/2007 will be available in the downloads? Will the album be in its entirety? What about bonus tracks?
  12. NickyPhils

    Free United Club of Kidsipedia!

    FUCKipedia! Go there, bookmark it, read some pages, register, and create new pages! When you register, make sure not to put your e-mail address or it won't work.Edited by: Niki Moto
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    A tip for using this forum

    These forums have not been posted in for some time. If it looks like few topics have been posted, make sure you set the forum to "Show Topics All."
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    Affiliated Forums

    Here are other forums you may consider joining and posting in: Cracked Egg Studios (main site) Bowser Is Ultimate (main site) And here's an abandoned one with popups: Noey (main site)Edited by: Niki Moto
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    The end is near

    As you all know, the club hasn't done anything in the last year. That's actually because the August 2005 election was inconclusive, and I decided to just wait until more votes came in to turn the tide. Unfortunately, that never happened. Since then, I've had thoughts. Maybe we should have one...
  16. NickyPhils

    HoJeong Gets AIM

    This is the theme song to the now lost TV pilot "HoJeong Gets AIM." The theme song was recorded with damaged recording equipment and then put through noise filters; this is the clearest version in existence. This was the first song recorded for the album "Octagon City." Lyrics: You didn't ask...
  17. NickyPhils

    Donkey Kong

    I've heard rumors that Cracked Egg Studios plans to make a new Donkey Kong game about the Kremian Wars alluded to by Cranky Kong in DK64.
  18. NickyPhils

    Ted's Ya Hi

    Lyrics: TOM: It's the beginning of the the night and, to be honest, we don't know what could happen. Strawberry fields Nothing is real Strawberry fields forever TOM: Kill me now. JAMES: Hello, my name is James. I--Yeah, I gotta buy condoms and cheese. TOM: I really need to take a piss. NICK...
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    The website

    The address for the main website is: And we are hosted by Cracked Egg Studios: http://crackedeggstudios.comEdited by: Niki Moto
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    In case you haven't noticed (which you probably have because you're here now, making this paragraph redundant), the club website has been moved to a new domain. It is now hosted by Cracked Egg Studios, for little cost, because of the suggestion and action by our club's kind progenitor Pegasus...