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  1. Ted

    List of Broken Content

    With the relaunch of the web site, I would ask Nick, Clare, and anyone else with the patience, to please link any page/post that is expected to work but doesn't in some way. For example: Silver Skull For the example of Silver Skull, the content is blank - probably lost in 2008/2009 when all...
  2. Ted

    Ni-Ki-Oh! Clip Show

    For EggCon, we would like to put together a clip show of the fans' favorite Ni-Ki-Oh! moments. Please post your favorite moment here. Example: My favorite moment is when Tommy owns Niki and Joe by rewinding time so he can cheat.
  3. Ted

    Questions that need answering

    <ul><li><strike>Can a face-down monster be Tributed for summon?</strike></li> <li><strike>Can Special Summoned monsters perform an attack?</strike></li> <li>Can you summon and attack in the same turn?</li> <li>Does a Tribute Summon count as a Special Summon?</li> <li>How many Tributes to summon...
  4. Ted

    When is a monster considered "successfully" summoned?

    A monster is considered "successfully" summoned if the summon was not negated or did not "fizzle". If the effect is negated and can only be activated while the monster is on the field, it is still considered successfully summoned, because the summon itself was not what was negated. If the...
  5. Ted

    Site Roadmap

    I thought it might be helpful to users (and stockholders) to know what we're changing before we actually do. Below is a list of things we will be changing by the end of Q2 2009, in no particular order. Reorganize the user profile. The blocks make it too cramped. Reorganize the User CP. The menu...
  6. Ted

    Do Effect Monsters have to be summoned to use their effects?

    For the most part, an Effect Monsters effect can only be activated while it is on the field. If the monster does not say otherwise, this is the rule. However some effects say otherwise, and you should follow the card text when in doubt: Some monster effects activate when they are sent to the...
  7. Ted

    Can you Flip Summon during your opponent's turn?

    You cannot perform a Flip Summon during your opponent's turn. A Flip Summon is a way of manually changing the monster's Battle Position. Since it is "manual", it can only be done during your own Main Phase. You cannot use Ultimate Offering to Flip Summon a monster during your opponent's turn...
  8. Ted

    Can you Tribute a monster the turn it is Summoned?

    Let's start with: you cannot Tribute a monster for no reason - say, if all your Monster Card Zones are occupied. You cannot Tribute a monster for a Tribute Summon the turn it is Summoned, because this would violate the "1 Normal Summon or Set per turn" rule. If you have Ultimate Offering active...
  9. Ted

    If you Special Summon, do you need Tributes for Level 5 or higher monsters?

    When performing a Special Summon, you do not need to Tribute monsters as you normally would for a Tribute Summon. However, you have to fulfill the requirements to make the Special Summon. For example, Megarock Dragon requires that Rock monsters be removed from the Graveyard first. If a card...
  10. Ted

    Can you Special Summon and Tribute Summon and play a monster card in one turn?

    The general rule is that you can only "Normal Summon or Set 1 monster per turn". Usually when people "play a monster", this is what they mean. Tribute Summons count as Normal Summons, so you cannot Normal Summon a monster and Tribute Summon in the same turn. Special Summons can be done as often...
  11. Ted

    When your monster is Flip Summoned, does it change to Attack Position?

    A monster that is Flip Summoned changes to Attack Position. A monster that is flipped face-up by an attack or a card like Swords of Revealing Light is not consider summoned at all and remains in its Battle Position. Not all Flip Summons are a "switch" to Attack Position. You can have a...
  12. Ted

    Can you Set a monster that requires a Tribute?

    You can Set (in face-down Defense Position) a monster that requires a Tribute by meeting the requirements to Tribute Summon the monster (i.e. tributing monster cards). If the Level 5 or higher monster would be Special Summoned by a card effect, it cannot be placed face-down unless face-down...
  13. Ted

    Where Can I Find a Picture of Full Armor Gravitation?

    Full Armor Gravitation is a card that only appeared in the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime, and has since not been released as an official card. However, a counterfeit version of the card was available in booster packs during the Cracked Egg Studios hosted Duel Monsters Tournament II in 2007. You can view an...
  14. Ted

    Where Can You Special Summon a Card From?

    A Special Summon can only take place when a card effect allows you to. Normally the card effect will specify a place that the monster being Special Summoned will come from. For example, "Special Summon from your Graveyard". If it is not specified, usually you can only Special Summon it from...
  15. Ted

    The Iced Tea Proposition

    Forum members, I found a video floating around on the 'Net. It makes a reference to ... shit... 0004
  16. Ted

    Card of the Day Is Moving

    n Card of the Day has been closed for quite some time now, in order to wait for more cards to be created. Thankfully, the recent Duel Monsters Tournament II has assisted with this. We will be reopening this section within the new Vault architecture extremely soon. The cards listed here, if they...
  17. Ted

    DMT2 Promotional Cards

    At the start of the Duel Monsters Tournament 2, these cards will first be available. Participants in the tournament can try their luck with booster packs for $1.00 per pack. The packs will contain a list of 21 cards - 15 commons, 4 rares, 1 super rare, and 1 ultra or secret rare. Players can...
  18. Ted

    Duel Monsters Tournament 2 feat. HoJeong

    In 2002, the Pokemon Trainers Club (now known as the Free United Club of Kids) hosted their first Duel Monsters Tournament as an homage to the Duelist Kingdom tournament on the hit anime Yu-Gi-Oh! The tournament playoffs were filmed for the first season of the parody series Ni-Ki-Oh! Now...
  19. Ted

    Ni-Ki-Oh! Final Genesis RC1

    Final Genesis RC1 will finally be released.
  20. Ted

    HOJAID/2007 - Release Party

    HoJeong's birthday is this coming Sunday, February 25. Unfortunately the man from Korea and former NYU student (2009) has been kidnapped by his own country's military to punish him for his past crimes. This Friday night will be the release party for HOJAID/2007, the album Gorath-Ur and the...